Grace Kelly: A Spey Look at the Actress, Princess and Icon in Pearl

A Spey Look at the Style and Pearls of Grace Kelly

Oscar® Award-winning actress, Alfred Hitchcock’s muse, Princess of Monaco: indeed, Grace Kelly claimed many titles in her rise to style icon (through her marriage alone, Grace Kelly invested four titles as duchess and marquise, seven titles as countess, and nine as baroness). She was unquestionably one of Hollywood’s golden girls with a distinctive look and jet-set style that drew admiration the world over. Haute couture fashion houses and renowned Hollywood costume designers, like Helen Rose, Oleg Cassini, and Edith Head, lavished a wardrobe on her fit for the princess she became. Her name was tied to her signature look of Dior dresses, Pringle of Scotland twinsets, Hermès scarves and bags, round framed sunglasses, flat Gucci moccasins – and a single strand of pearls worn high at the neck.

Grace Kelly once bemused of this most lustrous of gems, “I favor pearls on screen and in my private life.” Her appearances with pearls are legendary, most notably in Rear Window, where that choker of 9-10mm pearls became almost another character to the film. She was radiant in To Catch a Thief and Dial M for Murder, and these roles enrobed her in the “fire and ice” personality that captured the hearts of audiences. Hitchcock himself was spellbound at this enigmatic contrast between cold charm and intense sensuality; it lent her characters a depth and complexity that poured out of the screen. Grace Kelly was the suspense-master’s vision of upper class American elegance: impeccable feminine tailoring, perfect locks of golden hair, and a skin that glowed against pearl.

Her roles in Hollywood and Monaco ensured that jewels were never far from Grace Kelly. And while she certainly donned grand jewels, layers of pearls, and necklaces dripping in diamonds for state ceremonies (and for appearances on red carpets), in her private life Grace Kelly always came back to that single strand of pearls worn high at the neck. It gave her at once a sleek and stylish aura that she maintained throughout her life. The necklines of her blouses and extravagant gowns, like the pearl choker itself, were all designed to draw the eye to her regal poise and alluring innocence. Isn’t that what all jewels should do? Perfect pearl jewelry, like the pieces in the Spey collection of fine jewels, give that final touch of je ne sais quoi to any outfit, look, or style. Want to create your own signature pearl accessory? Reach out to Spey and let our designers craft your vision into a memorable, show-stopping expression of you.