Why Should I Keep Pearl Jewelry Dry?

Ask the Spey Experts, Why Should I Keep Pearl Jewelry Dry?

It stands to reason, as an organic gem culled from the sea and emerged from an oyster, that pearls would simply love to be submerged in water. Some moisture is in fact beneficial to your pearls, keeping them from drying and becoming brittle with age. You may be wondering, “then why should I keep pearl jewelry dry?” The answer is two-fold, as both the pearls and the jewelry setting in which they nestle benefit from proper and attentive care.

The defining characteristic of an exceptional pearl is a rich, soft luster, which perfectly frames the skin in a delicate glow. This luster is a most welcome phenomenon created by the playful interaction of light bouncing among the manifold layers of nacre stacked thickly upon each other to form a pearl. But these layers are quite delicate. Oils, chemicals and salt, particularly those commonly diffused in swimming pools and bath soaps, can wreak havoc on pearl luster. With sustained exposure and negligent care, once-brilliant pearls may become dull and lifeless. Quelle horreur!

So too should the jewelry setting be guarded from excess moisture. The silk threads that bind and knot pearls together to form a strand are selected for their strength and durability, but water trapped inside the drill-hole of a pearl and against the threading may quickly weaken the integrity of the strand – indeed, rot it from the core. Water may also be trapped between pearls and their settings of gold or other precious metals, prolonging the sensitive gem’s exposure to deleterious compounds.

Simply wearing your pearls and letting them rest against clean skin can achieve the perfect level of moisture. Pearls long to be worn! It just behooves the pearl-lover to take that little extra care to remove pearl jewelry before going for a swim, relaxing in a bath, or heavily perspiring. It’s always recommended, each and every time your pearl jewelry is worn, to gently wipe down and buff your pearls with a soft cloth after use. If your pearls do become submerged, simply lay them flat and wrap them in a dry towel until dry. Why should I keep pearl jewelry dry? To keep them lasting and lustrous for generations!