Pearls and Diamonds and Gold, Oh My!

Pearls and Diamonds and Gold, Oh My! Discovering Spey Jewelry

At Spey, we love the soft luster of an exquisite pearl. Though classically stylish and stunningly beautiful on its own, there is something about the way that a pearl combines with diamond and gold that inspires magic. We can’t help but to style pearls and diamonds and gold together for exceptional pieces of fine pearl jewelry. That extraordinary combination is our gift to Washington, DC – the perfect pearl earrings, pendants, strands and bracelets for the boardroom and the ball, all fashioned with the pride of American design. When pearls and diamonds and gold combine, the world is your oyster.

Each Spey pearl is hand selected to ensure perfection. Rigorously sorted and matched, Spey pearls are paired with a Washington woman in mind: vigorous, relentless and chic. The pearls then dictate the design of the jewelry; a uniform strand of graduated pearls, a pair of identical pearls for an earring set, or a stand-alone statement pearl for a one-of-a-kind pendant. What’s more, Spey creates signature custom pearl jewelry for women of particular and discerning tastes. If there is a special gown or engagement or gift in mind, the talented jewelers at Spey will scour the globe for a pearl worthy of the occasion.

We love the way Tahitian pearls and diamonds and white gold play together. Take the Spey pendant earring (pictured) as example. The long trail of diamonds faceted within a column of white gold draws the eye to a round, lustrous, darkly enigmatic Tahitian pearl. As an accent to an up-do or a show-stopping gown, this Spey pearl earring doesn’t quit. Each element is so delicately poised, so perfectly balanced, that the result is nothing short of breathtaking. We are proud of our legacy of fine pearl jewelry and even more excited that Spey jewelry accompanies the most powerful women in the world throughout the journey of their lives. Here’s to accomplishing greatness, whether through the simple combination of pearls and diamonds and gold, or the challenge of running an industry or a nation. Spey is there every step of the way.