A Spey Twist on a Classic: The Spiral Pearl Earring

A Spey Twist on a Classic: The Spiral Pearl Earring

It may come as no surprise that we simply adore creating spectacular ways to display nature’s most lustrous of gems: the pearl. Pearls are softly luminous and quietly luxurious – the perfect complement to an elegant daytime or evening Washingtonian look. Pearls are our specialty. Spey takes pride in a commitment to sustainable luxury and the community around us, values shared by the ladies that don our fine pearl jewelry and make DC a thriving metropolis. These ladies are always on the move; gliding between Board meetings and galas, or taking brisk trips to business and family connections the world over. It is this spirit of movement that inspires the Spey Tahitian Spiral pearl earring. Darkly enigmatic, yet bursting with sparkle, these beauties are the perfect finishing touch to the chicest of looks.

The Spiral pearl earring is our salute to feisty elegance. Like all Spey earrings, the Spiral pearl earring is a statement in refined taste. Each ear is adorned with a single, round, 10-11mm Tahitian pearl. Gunmetal green with flashes of peacock overtone, the pearl is nestled within a ring of 18k white gold and 0.70 carats of diamonds that trail up to the lobe. A shepherd’s hook firmly secures the earring in place and keeps your touch of Spey luster gently suspended like fruit on the vine.

In all Spey jewelry, the pearl is the star – and the Spiral pearl earring is no exception. The Tahitian pearl lures and captivates one’s attention. Common vernacular labels these as black pearls, even though Tahitian pearls are anything but black. They abound in naturally iridescent flashes of exotic colors like aubergine (dark greyish-purple), pistachio (vibrant green or yellow) and peacock (green-grey with whispers of pink and purple). These pearls that emerge from the Pinctada margaritifera cumingii oyster are the enchanting foundation to the Spiral pearl earring from Spey.

From our home in Washington, DC, Spey has the privilege of festooning the most powerful women in the world in pearls. That level of patronage is earned through relentlessly exceptional service, a strong commitment to our neighbors and the environment around us, and the creation of exceptional pieces of fine pearl jewelry like the Spiral pearl earring. Fancy adding a bit of Spey to your collection? Shop this look and don a bit of Spey luster. After all, the world’s your oyster.