Wedding Day Jewels

Wedding Day Pearls from Spey

We’re not crying, it’s just…just…a grain of rice in our eye. Well, alright, if you must know – weddings stir within us a perfectly sentimental mood. The emotion! Sitting amongst a crowd pulsing with energy and love. Watching a groom brimming with pride and expectation. And the bride: radiant in white and dripping in pearls. A wedding is one of the most beautiful life experiences and a most cherished moment to share with those you love. You know we simply adore any special occasion to don a bit of Spey pearl luster, but a wedding isn’t just any ordinary day. A wedding is a perfectly enchanting beginning.

From the moment the doors part and the bride takes her first step down the aisle, she commands the room. Her gown and her presence fill the space more than any host of family and friends could do. Her pearls then become to her as icing is to her wedding cake, or bubbles are to Champagne: that perfect finishing flourish that makes all the difference. Pearls reflect the soft glow of the bride’s face and hang like drops of luster around her. A bride most attentive to detail would match the shade of her dress to the white of the pearl for a completely polished and chic bridal look.

Of course, we at Spey are there each step of the way, ensuring that every wish of the bride is met with perfect style and exceptional service. As purveyors of pearls not only to the bride and groom, but also to the entire wedding party and in-laws, we are proud to form a small, lustrous part of the big day. What can Spey do for you? Explore our bridal and wedding services. We’ll be here, dabbing our eyes and sending the bride and groom all the best wishes for a wonderful life together. It’s just the beginning.