Summer Luster

Summer Luster, or Having a Blast with Spey

Summer is in the air: that cloyingly thick DC summertime weather has returned to Washington, bringing with it all the frills and fresh fabrics to keep oneself cool. Hemlines are rising, shoulders are baring, and the weight of accessories are being shorn in favor of uncomplicated ease. Amidst this shedding of inhibitions (when Congress is away, Washington comes out to play), it’s refreshing to see the playful touch of luster peeking from beneath perfectly tossed beach waves – hair, that is. The pearl stud is the unequivocal earring of summer.

Why? The daylong comfort that transitions through to evening, the soft luster that glints in the summer sun, and the versatility that pairs with any look: the pearl stud has it all. Studs radiate a je ne sais quoi that is both timelessly elegant and freshly current. Pair with your favorite jeans and retro tee for a stroll down the National Mall. Don for an open air concert on the steps of the Capitol. Lend a bit of distinction to your beach chic – just make sure to avoid dipping your Spey pearls into the water. It’s true: pearls emerge from the depths of the ocean, but the salinity and chlorine can wreak havoc on gold fittings and silk strands.

What does Spey have planned for the summer? We’re so very glad you asked. A few popup shops and trunk shows are planned across Washington, DC – and one very special collaboration will be announced over the summer months. We can’t wait to share our musings as we trot stylishly across the District, so follow along here or get a little social with us for behind-the-scenes access to the more fashionable side of the world’s most powerful city. It promises to be a record-hot summer, but we’ll face the heat ever-so-stylishly in pearls.