Wear Pearls. End Homelessness.

Wear Pearls and End Homelessness with Spey

As a quintessentially Washingtonian company, we at Spey love our DC community. Indeed, from the vaulted serenity of the National Cathedral to the hushed anticipation of the Kennedy Center, this marble city that arose from the bogs of the Potomac River boasts truly incredible settings for introspection and thought. Amid the hustle of business and the bustle of politics, these refuges of reflection in the world’s most powerful city are remarkable spaces. Yet it is difficult to enter these lauded halls without stopping to consider all of our friends and our neighbors, for not all in Washington, DC are so fortunate. There are many for whom each day without employment is a frustration, and each night without a home is a distress. These are not some nameless mass to be ignored. These are our neighbors.

One is likely familiar with the expression that it takes a village to raise a child, but we have come to appreciate that it takes a village to support and sustain an individual throughout life – not just life in its infancy. Thinking back on the development of Spey as a company and our growth as individuals, we cannot help but recognize and value all those people who have contributed to every facet of our lives. No one should have a go at life alone. Thankfully, there are those that devote their lives to the betterment of others and we are proud, in our own small way, to help sustain them.

N Street Village is one such organization – a “community of empowerment and recovery for homeless and low-income women” in Washington, DC. Their comprehensive services address both the immediate and long-term needs of at-risk women, helping them achieve stability and find relief. N Street Village is a significant force for good in DC and one that both needs and deserves the active participation from the community at large. We needn’t think twice; Spey leapt at the opportunity to pitch-in and launched the “Wear Pearls. End Homelessness.” campaign to raise some much-needed funds for N Street Village’s much-needed programs.

To work toward that more lustrous future, Spey is offering two necklaces with one cause in mind. Today, $1,000 from each sale of either the seductively enigmatic Tahitian peacock strand or the richly lustrous multicolor strand will be donated directly to N Street Village, the largest provider of supportive services and housing for women experiencing homelessness in our DC community. That’s $1,000 toward meaningful gains in women’s housing, income, employment, mental health, physical health, and addiction recovery – for each necklace sold. It certainly is a good day to wear pearls. So start shopping! And wear pearls to end homelessness.