Time is Luxury

Time is Luxury: Spey Fine Pearls of Washington, DC

Everyone has a different concept of how luxury is defined. As a fine pearl company based in the heart of Washington, DC, we have notions of our own. But across our experiences and shared interactions with some of the world’s most celebrated individuals, one common definition has consistently emerged: time is luxury. In a society that runs rather than walks, everything is much faster. We are connected at all hours of the day by any number of devices. Increasingly the need to disconnect, to dial back the hustle and constant mind-numbing stimulation, becomes ever more important.

Although luxury – like beauty – is in the eye of the beholder, the idea that time is luxury unifies many theories of living well. We all want more downtime; time to reflect, to spend time with loved ones, to sit with a book beneath the cherry blossoms. But there is more to luxury than just an excess of time on one’s hands. Luxury is surrounding oneself with time. There is pleasure in obtaining an item that is handcrafted or rare. These represent little luxuries and expressions of time. By contrast, most mass-market consumer goods are churned out in vast quantities by machines and conveyer belts. There is little romance in that.

Where were you seven years ago? Each of the pearls in the Spey Tahitian pearl Marquise earrings spent at least seven years turning within the oyster. Luxury is patient, not hurried. Pearls may spend three, five, or even ten years forming with great care before emerging as Spey jewels. Time is luxury. That is why luxury goods as a category are associated with craftsmanship and excellence. More time and effort are put into the experience of owning these items. Of course, like all good things, time and luxuries are best shared amongst close friends and family. Spend an evening at the ballet, or take a slow walk one morning through a neighborhood park. Surround yourself with time and suddenly it feels as if you have so much more of it to share.