Meet the Duchess

The Duchess Tahitian Pearl Pendant from Spey

From our home in Washington, DC, Spey has the privilege of greeting the most powerful women in the world and festooning their necks in pearls. As a quiet luxury, perfectly in-tune with the environment and society, the pearl is the favored jewel of the First Lady’s set: ambassadors, diplomats, representatives, senators and, every so often, royalty. It is this noblesse that inspires our dedication to service and the community – the spirit of which we capture in the Spey Tahitian pearl pendant: the Duchess.

The Duchess is our salute to petit chic and demure elegance. Like all Spey pendants, the Duchess is a statement in refined taste. The pièce de résistance of the Duchess pearl pendant from Spey is a lustrous, 11-12mm Tahitian pearl, with overtones of blushing purple and gunmetal green. The round pearl is suspended effortlessly beneath a perch of 18k white gold and 0.40 carats of diamonds, and cascades fluidly across a white gold omega chain.

The enigmatic Tahitian pearl draws in and captivates one’s attention. Commonly described as the black pearl, Tahitian pearls are anything but black; they abound in rich, natural bodycolors and overtones. From aubergine (dark greyish-purple) to peacock (green-grey with pink and purple overtones) and pistachio (vibrant green or yellow), the pearls that emerge from the Pinctada margaritifera cumingii oyster are both exotic and befitting a royal.

On a 16-inch chain, the Duchess pairs well with a number of blouses, dresses and gowns, particularly those that are strapless or with a scoop neck, boat neck or a shallow V. Because of the variation within each pearl’s bodycolor and tone, the Duchess may pair with a range of ensembles, whether green, black, red, white, purple or blush. Simply let Spey know your preference and our jewelers will get to work sourcing the perfect pearl for you.

Occasionally royalty flutters into our midst, but each and every Spey woman channels the timeless style and effortless ease of nobility. To honor that, we present the Duchess pearl pendant from Spey. Get in touch to discuss adding a bit of royal luster to your wardrobe; it would be our pleasure to introduce you to the Duchess.