Stranded in Spring with Spey

Spey Pearl Jewelry of Washington DC in Spring

At last! It’s time to shake off the dreary cold of winter and embrace the verdant freshness of spring. Birds are singing, trees are blooming (we’re packing our picnic basket for the National Cherry Blossom Festival) and life is coming back to the streets of Washington, DC. As new energy erupts in Technicolor around us, we can’t help but reflect that the perfect gem to suit our mood is pearl. Pearl? you should ask. Why, indeed.

Just as we emerge from our cozy seasonal cabins and wintry hibernation, so too does the pearl emerge from the oyster to see new life around it. And what gem could be more acutely tied to nature and life than the pearl? As an organic gem, pearls are not formed deep within the earth’s crust, but rather from natural processes in living mollusks. The pearl’s very existence is a testament to the triumph of life over hardship – each pearl being a mollusk’s defense against irritation. And after record snowfalls and icy conditions, who among us isn’t a bit irritated with winter?

So this spring, we’re donning a bit of luster and pairing our lighter wardrobe with pearls. The pale hues and shades of the gems complement perfectly a spring look, while the structure and harmony of a pearl strand balance the airy and patterned fabrics of the season. We love the look of a Spey pearl strand against a floral dress or top. And if you need help styling your perfect spring outfit, look no further than Spey. Our DC stylists are brimming with fresh ideas.

Reach for your finger sandwiches and best wicker basket and join us at the Tidal Basin this spring. We’ll be stranded in pearls as pink and white petals cascade and flutter around us. This truly is one of the loveliest times to enjoy our nation’s capital.