A Valentine’s Day Gift from Spey®

A Valentine’s Day Gift from Spey® Fine Pearls of Washington, DC

Paper hearts flutter in shop windows as couples stroll hand-in-hand down the wintry promenades of Georgetown. Love is in the air. Chocolates and sweets, strawberries and Champagne: the mood is set, but what of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? What gift could encapsulate the cherished memories of time shared, the invigorating thrill of adventures together, and the promise of a lifetime of bliss? Why, the gift of Spey pearls, of course.

Pearls are such romantic gems. The natural origins of fine pearls imbue the lustrous gems with more life, more energy, and more connection to the human endeavor than their rocky cousins. After all, a pearl is formed in strife – when an irritant enters the soft tissue of a mollusk, layer after layer of nacre wraps around to form, in time, the queen of gems and gem of queens. This genesis parallels many of life’s most tumultuous moments, when the love that emerges is stronger, more tested, and more pure.

Spey pearls and pearl jewelry are one of the most appreciated Valentine’s Day gifts. Women of all ages and experiences value pearls’ timelessness and chicness. The heart beats ever more quickly as the lid to the jewelry box is lifted. But what’s inside? That should depend on the relationship and more importantly, the lady who has the pleasure to open the Valentine’s Day gift.

A pearl pendant is the classic choice. The myriad of styles and designs ensures that even a collecting connoisseur may be thrilled with something new and lustrous. Milestone anniversaries demand pearl strands, with longer lengths and larger pearls as the relationship matures. Younger couples may find that pearl studs, a pearl bracelet or cuff, a cocktail ring, or pearl earrings are enthusiastically received. Overtones of blush and rose on the pearl jewelry demurely equate the specialness of the day with the loveliness of the gift.

The truly sentimental may consider a gift of heirloom pearls to their beloved – a piece handed down through the generations from grandmothers and great aunts. Estate pearl jewelry comes enriched with all the good wishes of family, but may need a bit of polish to look its best in the modern age. To make sure the pearl jewelry is in tip-top condition for becoming a Valentine’s Day gift, ask Spey about cleaning, restringing and refurbishing services to recover the pearl luster. It is a gift most thoughtful and appreciated.

Reflect her elegance with a gift of Spey pearls. A symbol of lasting beauty, simple perfection, and timeless style, pearls are both singular and versatile, and may be worn with ease from the supermarket to the red carpet. What’s more, pearls last a lifetime and gracefully adorn each of life’s most touching moments. Celebrate that life and love together. To all the sweethearts and lovers and dreamers and heroes: happy Valentine’s Day from Spey.