Wrapping Oneself in Fur and Pearls

Wrapping Oneself in Fur and Pearls with Spey®

Having just emerged from that brute winter storm Jonas, it seems the capital is yet slated for more inches of snow. Quelle horreur! The chill is nearly inescapable, save for tending a roaring fire and wrapping oneself in fur and pearls. Yes, fur* becomes one’s armor when trudging against the icy headwinds that rip through the avenues of Washington, DC. There is something about the weight, the comfort and the enclosure of a fur coat, vest, hat or muff that creates a warming sanctuary for your body against the savage cold. But that same bulk proves a singular challenge when accessorizing – how do you select jewelry that stands up to the pelt? The pairing is simple: wear fur and pearls.

One might consider that as an organic gem, the association of fur and pearls is simply natural. Pearls lend a soft, brilliant luster that sweetly peeks from beneath the folds and collars of furs. A pearl strand (may we recommend one?) adds a structural anchor to the often bulky or exaggerated form of a large fur coat. Long strands may be knotted at the décolletage or naval for even more dimension. Smaller fur pieces may be accented by flashes of pearl, gold and diamond in the form of pendants or earrings. Our favorite look with a stole? A brooch chicly pinned where both sides of the fur intersect. There are such fun ways to don pearls in our winter wardrobe that we almost enjoy the weather. So the next time you cross the threshold to the frosty outdoors, wrap yourself in fur and pearls for a look both warm and fabulous.

*We know that when it comes to fur, staunch advocates stand both for and against its wear, and you know that when it comes to protecting the environment you will find no more vociferous champions than Spey, but for the purposes of our time together here, “fur” may serve for synthetic or natural, as you please.