Ode to the Stud

Ode to the Stud | Pearl Stud Earrings from Spey®

The pearl, alone, in perfect uncomplicatedness, is nowhere more truly celebrated and cherished than in the classic pearl stud earring. The simplicity, the charm, the grace of a pearl stud is a thing most beautiful. No jewelry or accessory is more versatile than this lustrous organic gem. But what’s in a stud? That which we call a stud by any other name would not look so sweet as a pearl stud. There’s something about the pearl that makes a stud sing.

The defining characteristic of a stud earring is the apparent ability to float on the lobe of the ear, perched ever-so-delicately against the skin. But there is a connection: studs are invariably constructed of a stout post that penetrates the ear and fastens to the other side with the help of an unromantically labeled ‘friction back’ or clutch. Less frequently the post may be threaded, allowing the fastener to screw securely and hold the earring fast.

The addition of a pearl takes a stud from simple to elegantly demure. The pearl is half-drilled to showcase a near-total sphere of captivating luster. From the delightful akoya – the classic choice for pearl studs – to the dark and fiery Tahitian pearl, the range of colors and tones is captivating. Each pearl is hand sorted to find its perfect match: size, shape, color and luster aligning impeccably between the pair. Akoya pearl studs range most often between 5-9mm (7mm complementing just about any frame or physiognomy), while the larger Tahitian and South Sea pearl studs span 8-11mm or more.

Say you shuffle the kids to school, put in a day at the office, swing by the supermarket on your way home, and then head to dinner before an evening show at the Kennedy Center – you need never change your earrings if you don the pop of luster of a Spey pearl stud. Every outfit, every occasion, may be rendered complete with this quiet sophistication. Shop the Spey collection of pearl studs or discuss a custom Spey piece to find pearls that are uniquely you. Every girl needs a stud. Wouldn’t you agree?