Take Your Pearls to Work Day

Take Your Pearls to Work Day

Every day is a good day to take your pearls to work. The quietly chic, elegantly demure look of pearls is appropriate for every business situation. Whether a first interview, client meeting, award dinner, political event, or just another trip to the water cooler, pearls are never out of place. The organic gems impeccably frame a silhouette and softly glow against the skin. Pearls also add the perfect touch of femininity to the often hard lines and masculine tailoring of business attire. From high-powered executives on K Street to the hustling staffers on Capitol Hill, and even the trendy, jean-clad artists and tech entrepreneurs throughout DC, the pearl is the de rigueur accessory for work.

Hemlines that dare not rise above the knee. Matched blazers and trousers in subdued shades of blue, black and grey. Closed-toe pumps. If this sounds like your wardrobe for work, the pearl should be your constant companion. Formal enough for even the most conservative of lobbyists, brokers and consultants, wearing pearl jewelry is a simple statement in taste and refinement. A beautifully tailored suit is an excellent canvas for pearls. A long, dramatic pearl strand would lend a bit of drama, or a dangling pendant would add the perfect flash of sparkle to a blouse. The business world has long commended the simplicity of a strand of akoya pearls for professionalism and taste.

If your work attire is more relaxed and your office far more casual, then pearls will lend your outfit that extra bit of oomph – while still remaining comfortable. Classic and timeless to dress up jeans and a tee, or chunky and colorful to add a bit of flair, the range of pearl styles and designs is incredible. Although casual work environments allow for more opportunities to express individual style, it is always advisable to dress according to the professional image you wish to convey – a style that shows respect for your colleagues and peers. Pearls provide this balance and polish off the perfect business look.

Paired with heels or tennis shoes, and anything in between, the pearl is the best choice for work. Above all, make sure the pearl jewelry you choose will suit your work habits and responsibilities. On the phone all day? Avoid heavy, dangling earrings. Type with a fury? Leave off pearl bracelets, which may clack against desks and keyboards. Worried your jewelry may draw too much attention? Wear one pearl accessory at a time or opt for the classic choices: a pair of stud earrings and a pearl strand is universally accepted and beloved. It’s time to break out the pearls – and get to work!