Spey® Sponsors 2016 Season of Chamber Dance Project

Spey® Sponsors 2016 Season of Chamber Dance

At Spey, we like pretty things. We are purveyors of beautiful pearls, of course, but we leap at the opportunity to extend beauty across DC in any form. And what form could be more arrestingly beautiful, more enchantingly graceful, and more intellectually romantic than the art of ballet? Warm and evocative, ballet teaches us to aspire greatly. So when we first discovered Chamber Dance Project dancers and musicians our souls, much like the artists themselves, leapt with emotion.

Chamber Dance Project is, at its heart, the presentation of imaginative, contemporary ballet together with the sensual resonance of live chamber music. Dance and music. The combination seems elementary, but the execution is nothing short of extraordinary. The intimate settings in which the organization performs adds to the specialness of the experience. An evening with Chamber Dance Project is wrenching, affirming, and captivatingly human.

Spey is proud to share this common vision of creative impulse and to sponsor the 2016 season of Chamber Dance Project. The caliber of work emerging from the project is testament to the steadfast artistic direction, compositions, choreography, and artistry that fuel it. Ballet uplifts us from the hard marble and steely edges of Downtown DC to a more noble state of mind. An evening in the capital is not complete without this touch of the arts, and the arts are not complete without a dash of Spey pearls.

Will you dance with us? Join Spey and Chamber Dance Project at Bash in Bloom, a spring gala benefitting the project and hosted by the Ambassador of Colombia at his residence. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to don a bit of Spey luster at select performances and private shopping events throughout the season. It’s a good day to wear pearls!

Image: Arranged. Choreography and set: Diane Coburn Bruning. Photo: Eduardo Patino, NYC.