To a 30th Anniversary with Love

To a 30th Anniversary with Love from Spey®

As it so happens, a very dear friend of Spey is celebrating thirty years of wedded bliss and we could not be more thrilled. Not only does the occasion mark three decades of love and laughter, but a 30th anniversary is also traditionally commemorated with a gift of pearls. The pure, enigmatic luster of pearl is the perfect expression of harmony and togetherness. It is the oyster’s greatest triumph – a symbol of struggle emerging into splendor. No wonder the pearl has coupled so gracefully with marriage.

While gifts to celebrate wedding anniversaries vary among cultures, a few well-established pairings have stood the test of time: wood on the 5th, silver on the 25th, pearl on the 30th, gold on the 50th, and diamond on the 60th. These traditional gifts signal what is both customary and appropriate for spouses to give one another, or for friends and family to offer the happy couple. From the first to the seventieth (may you be so blessed), pearls make a most welcome and thoughtful gift, but at No. 30 the organic gems are simply de rigueur.

From a husband to a wife, a Spey pearl necklace, pendant, earring or bracelet would be the classic choice. A wife might give her husband a pair of pearl cufflinks or the dashing Spey pearl lapel pin. Giving a gift in tandem? Consider an elegant meal with oysters as a course, or splurge for a romantic getaway to a tropical island pearl farm. Accompanying your lustrous gift with flowers? The lissome and aromatic lily is the traditional bloom of the 30th anniversary. Whatever you offer your love, make it an expression of continued devotion and gratitude for your life together.

A gift of pearls for a 30th anniversary blends tradition with style. We know she will enjoy it and we wish you many days worth celebrating all throughout the year. From all of us at Spey: joyeux trentième anniversaire de mariage! Sending our best for a lustrous 30th anniversary and countless blissful years to come.