The Best Bridesmaid Gifts

Spey® Insights: The Best Bridesmaid Gifts

Ah, the bridesmaid struggle: hours of wading through taffeta and tulle, consoling against anything that might possibly go wrong, and greeting distant relatives with all the charm that can be mustered. Yes, the life of a bridesmaid is not easy. It then falls to the bride to bestow her gratitude through thoughtful bridesmaid gifts. But what are the best bridesmaid gifts? What might be both fitting and useful, both appreciated and cherished? Let your ladies know how appreciative you are by giving the gift of pearls.

Here are our seven reasons why pearls make the best bridesmaid gifts and why pearls should be incorporated throughout the wedding party:

  1. Pearls are the traditional jewel of the wedding day, worn by brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, and not a small portion of the congregation.
  2. Pearls are another way of tying your bridal party’s style together and complementing your jewelry.
  3. There are as many shades of white on pearls as there are on wedding dresses – other shades include plum and peacock on Tahitians pearls, or gold and silver on South Sea pearls.
  4. Pearls go with just about any look and may be worn again for any future occasion.
  5. Pearls become a cherished piece of the wardrobe, with a sentiment that lasts generations.
  6. The range of pearl jewelry styles ensures you will find something a little extra special for your maid of honor, and something equally as fitting for the dainty flower girls.
  7. Even the groomsmen may sport a pearl lapel pin on their suit for a perfectly dapper, polished look.

With patience, grace, and constant cheer, your bridesmaids are there for you on your most important day. Show them you care by giving the gift of pearls. Some excellent choices include Spey studs for the flower girls, classic pendants for the bridesmaids, and perhaps a Spey akoya bracelet or strand for the maid of honor. The perfect bridesmaid gifts need not be complicated. Opt for the luster and simple elegance of pearls.