Pearls On and Hats Off to a New Year’s Resolution

Pearls On and Hats Off to a New Year’s Resolution

The first of January is an excellent time to reflect on the year past and look with great expectation on the year to come. It is a time when extended family bids adieu until the next holiday season; a time when the refrigerator sighs under the weight of home-cooking leftovers; and a time when many an introspective person pledges his or her New Year’s resolution.

Your New Year’s resolution may be months in the making – we all know areas of our lives where we might improve, but the real question is: can we commit? Consider the difference between gym membership in January and gym attendance in February. If a New Year’s resolution is made to work, it must be something that is both attainable and endurable. So this January, having surveyed the after-Christmas landscape of discarded wrapping paper, piles of gifts we may never use, and clutter lying generally about, our New Year’s resolution (may you hold us to it!) is to live more minimally and have fewer items of higher quality.

The benefits of minimalism are manifold. When we commit to owning just the necessities, we create the opportunity of purchasing more quality, handcrafted products. Open up your closet. Are you among the majority who have dozens of shirts jammed into that very small space, even though you may wear only a few of them? Imagine having just a few of the shirts you really love and, because you haven’t squandered over a hoard of clothes, you are able to choose pieces that are made with quality and design. This basic idea allows us to invest in one handcrafted item, rather than spending the same amount on multiple, inexpensive substitutes. More is not better. Better is better.

In the words of one Disney ice princess, “let it go!” Where you spend your time and money indicates where your priorities lie. Discard the clutter and pledge to live simply and well. You will find you have much more opportunity of spending time and money on the things and people you love most. It is the age-old struggle of quality vs. quantity. Choose quality this New Year and live a more beautiful, elegant life.