How to Pair Pearls with a Sweater

Spey ® Insights: How to Pair Pearls with a Sweater

After an unseasonably warm start to December (70 degrees leaves little hope for a white Christmas in the District) that familiar chill is upon us. Cue the sweater. Cozy, warm, and in a myriad of cuts and patterns, the sweater is the unquestioned wardrobe essential of winter. If only we knew of an accessory that could stand up to even the bulkiest of knits…ah, yes: the pearl! Transitioning your wardrobe to suit the cool temperatures does not mean abandoning your pearls until spring. You simply have to know how to pair pearls with a sweater.

When it comes to getting ready, it’s usually the little things that make us fret. Should you wear white after Labor Day? Can you wear too many accessories? How to pair pearls with a sweater should not make you late for tea. Pearls are an excellent foil to a winter wardrobe. Here are a few tips to see that you are out the door and looking fabulous in your favorite pullover.

Wear a chunky or braided pearl necklace with a turtleneck. Larger pearls or necklaces with substantial dimension can stand up to the most aggressive cowl.

Pair a pearl pendant with a V-neck to take advantage of that dip in your neckline. A dash of luster in your décolletage says anything but frozen.

Knot an opera length strand of pearls to accompany your cardigan. The classic lines of the cardigan set the stage for a dramatic pearl performance.

Don a strand of matching or graduated pearls with a crewneck for an effortlessly preppy, endlessly chic look. Princess length pearls are ideal.

Grace a cropped sweater with a pearl lariat or plunging necklace to counterbalance the scoop of your silhouette.

Have a sweater that just won’t surrender to a necklace? Opt for a pair of pearl studs or a pearl bracelet. There is never an excuse to be bullied by a bulky winter wardrobe when you know how to pair pearls with a sweater!