How to Travel with Pearls

Spey ® Insights: How to Travel with Pearls

With each dip of the thermometer our minds bubble with visions of travel. If the birds fly south, why shan’t we? Arrangements will be made, a wardrobe will be packed, and…the pearls! Whether you’re planning a grand tour of the Continent, a meandering road trip, or a tropical adventure, there is simply no more appropriate jewel than the pearl. But how do you elegantly and securely travel with pearls?

The versatility of pearls establishes the gem as an excellent travel companion, transitioning fluidly from day to eveningwear. That suitability for every occasion means you may take fewer pieces with you and limit both your luggage and liability. But because pearls are organic gems, they are far more delicate than most other precious stones. With a bit of extra care, you may ensure your pearls return as fresh and beautiful as you.

If you will be bringing just a few pieces, we recommend stowing your pearls in your hand luggage so that they remain always at your side and in an even temperature. Or more preferably, wear your pearls! Not only will you be a welcome respite from airport fashion and look smashing as you sail through security (keep your jewelry on through the metal detectors unless specifically asked by a security agent to set them aside), but we all have seen the horrors of a hand luggage misplaced or unsympathetically forced into an overhead compartment.

You will want to limit as much as possible any excessive jostling, tumbling or abrasion. We recommend packing your pearls apart from other jewels, as these may scratch the lustrous surface. The perfect travel pouch is the soft, suede Spey envelope that accompanies your pearls at purchase. The magnetic fasteners keep the pearls secure, while the interior divider keeps earrings or necklaces apart. If you travel with pearls on a pendant, consider looping one end of the chain through a clean drinking straw and fastening the clasp. This prevents unwelcome tangles and knots. Studs may be pierced through a spare button to keep them forever in pairs.

Insurance is always encouraged for your jewelry, but no policy can replace the sentimental attachment to an individual piece. Store your pearls in the hotel vault when they are not being worn, rather than the far-more-crackable in-room safe. The hotel manager will see to their security. Another tip when you travel with pearls: divide and conquer. By packing pearl jewelry separately – a piece here, a piece there – you limit the odds of total loss.

Upon returning, carefully inspect your pearls to ensure they are still in excellent condition. Gently wipe them with a warm cloth or have them professionally cleaned, and then return the pearls to rest in your wardrobe. For the next wearing, they will be as lustrous as ever. So there you have it: how to gracefully travel with pearls. A few handy tips and you are free to confidently roam the globe with a signature piece of Spey pearl jewelry. Voilà et bon voyage!