Pearls in Politics

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton in Pearls

When it comes to politics, we cast a demure, bemused smile and carry on about our pearls. When it comes to political fashion, that’s when our focus is piqued. From our home in Washington, DC, there is never a shortage of politicians – each with a unique sartorial identity. And pearls? Those are as de rigueur on stateswomen as an American flag lapel pin on our president. So it came as no surprise to us when Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton chose a brilliantly lustrous South Sea pearl strand to adorn her tailored suit during the last presidential debate.

Pearls have been a mainstay accessory for first ladies, diplomats, stateswomen, congresswomen, and just about any woman with business and political power. From Jacqueline Kennedy to Barbara Bush, and from Nancy Raegan to Michelle Obama, pearls cross the political divide and leave both Democrats and Republicans speechless with luster. Why has the pearl enjoyed this presidential preference? The warm, soft glow and suitability for any occasion paint something of the answer. No matter where a politician finds herself, whether on Pennsylvania Avenue or on any Main Street in America, the pearl is always in taste.

We expect to see many more pearls this election season. Between these debates and through the inauguration, political candidates and the coterie of teams around them will be decked in the lustrous gems. Looking to add an Oval Office-worthy strand of pearls to your wardrobe? For a look like Hillary Clinton’s, choose the impressive South Sea pearl strand from Spey. Other great options for more distinction and individuality include the radiant Golden South Sea pearl strand, the enigmatic Tahitian pearl strand, or the alluring Spey grey pearl strand. And of course, if you have a perfect gown for that upcoming gala, let Spey create a signature piece just for you.