The Pavé and Pearl Love Affair

The Spey ® Pearl and Pavé Love Affair

Pearls and pavé go together like Champagne and caviar. Clasps and pendants set in pavé oh-so-effortlessly punctuate a pearl strand; the creamy, deep luster of pearls is perfectly accented by a flash of radiance. If you are new to pavé, then allow us to introduce you. We think you’ll become fast friends with pearls and pavé, too!

Pavé is a style of setting diamonds and other precious and semiprecious gemstones into jewelry. The style is characterized by smaller, more closely set gemstones arranged orderly across a surface. In fact, the word pavé (pah-veh) is taken from the French “pavement” – the gemstones appear tightly embedded like countless cobblestones in a street. Diamonds are the most popular stone, though washes of emerald, sapphire, or ruby may make a similarly regal statement.

The key to the pavé look is tight groupings of similarly sized stones. With little or no space between the diamonds or gemstones, pavé settings seamlessly melt into the undulation of the jewelry. The stones are secured by prong or embedded within the surface of the metal. For pavé to be at its best, the surface should have an even look and smooth feel. Each stone should be securely fastened in place, as any inconsistency is quite readily noticed.

Earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets and watches may all benefit from a pavé setting. You may commonly see pavé employed in engagement ring designs, as the brilliance of the many facets creates the illusion of larger gems. To create a sense of waterfall, the metal is chosen to complement the stone: yellow gold is paired with tangerine- and canary-colored gemstones; white gold or platinum accompanies white or blue diamonds; and rose gold holds in place rubies and warm-toned jewels. Glittering rows catch and reflect the light in all directions.

Pearls and pavé are a classic style for elegant jewelry. The quiet of the one plays well with the excitement of the other. Add the brilliance of pavé to your wardrobe with the enigmatic Tahitian Marquise earrings from Spey. Each lustrous 12-13 mm Tahitian pearl is suspended beneath clusters of radiant pavé-set diamonds. This breathtaking look is the perfect accompaniment to a ball or red carpet. Where could you wear your pavé?