Can You Wear Too Many Accessories?

Spey ® Insights: Can You Wear Too Many Accessories?

We love accessories. Pearl accessories, most especially. But some ladies take the concept too far. You’ve seen her before; nay, as she jaunts down the corridor you likely hear her first. Her baubles give her away: stacks of necklaces clacking, bangles clamoring, rings dancing across every finger, earrings bouncing, an oversized watch clicking away the time. And a toe ring too, just for good measure. As that one-woman caravan sashays past, you’re left to ruminate: can you wear too many accessories? Yes, my dear. You can.

Accessories may pull seemingly disparate articles of clothing together for the perfect look. Accessories may add flair and distinction to what before was drab and forgettable. But too many accessories and a lady begins to better resemble a tree during the holidays than a woman of the world. Be it jewelry, belts, scarves or hats, accessories are best when you CARE: complement, arrange, remove and enchant.

Complement | Accessories first and foremost should work with an outfit, not fight against it. Choose styles that enhance the shape, cut, or flow of your neckline, hair or garment. Balance the length of a strand of pearls, for instance, to your décolletage.

Arrange | Accessories should feel like a natural extension of you, draping effortlessly against your silhouette. If an earring hangs too heavy or a bangle rests uncomfortably against your skin, your unease will manifest in your demeanor.

Remove | This is the act of editing. Coco Chanel left us with a singular admonition: before leaving the house, remove one accessory. A lady must never wear too many accessories. Stick to the classics and the basics and you’ll never be too far wrong.

Enchant | Put your accessories to work for you. The graceful tumble of a pendant across your chest or the careless flutter of an earring may entrance those that fawn about you. Sometimes, a simple flick of the wrist speaks more loudly than words.

So there you have it. Take CARE when styling and you can never be accused of wearing too many accessories. We like to style in threes. Start with a dress, a shoe and a clutch, and then add three – total – accessories. Anklet, pearl pendant and wrap? Splendid. Cuff, ring and drop pearl earrings? Très demure. Choose fewer pieces of higher quality for a truly elegant look. Of course, you will never go astray with Spey.