1920s Style

Five Easy Steps to 1920s Style

Ah, the 1920s. The nation was humming with industry and post-war euphoria. But what made them roar? The women, of course. Suffrage, financial independence, illicit liquor, un-chaperoned liaisons with men – quelle horreur! Women were taking back the night. Along with this newfound liberation came an unbuckling of style; hemlines were lifted, corsets were neglected, and skin was scandalously left uncovered. This recklessly rebellious attire gave fuel to the Jazz Age. Collectively known as flappers, the trailblazing women of the Twenties embodied the spirit of an age. So how does the modern woman channel this euphoric 1920s style in her wardrobe? With five easy steps:

  1. The Dress | Knee-length, dropped-waste, sleeveless, and plunging, preferably with over-the-top embellishment. Go for beads, sequins, lace, fringes, chiffon, satin, flowers, and shimmer. Leave the bra at home and let your décolletage do the talking.
  2. The Shoe | Anything with a rounded toe, a modest heel, and a strap or buckle will do. A chunky pump was made to tear up the dance floor and will come in handy as you brazenly pass between dance partners.
  3. The Hair | You simply must do something with that hair. The bob is the classic style: short, tailored, and loose. If that cut is yet too drastic, roll a tight, low bun at the nape of your neck, or bury your hair in a headpiece. A pomade-induced coiffe was also a trendy 1920s style.
  4. The Headpiece | Always accessorize with a complementary hat or headband. The cloche is most authentic, but any brimmed hat that shades your brow will do. Skullcaps, headbands, and scarves can also do the trick.
  5. The Accessory | Need we say it? Pearls. Long, opera-length ropes of pearls. Knot them just above the navel or leave them loose. The gentle ‘clack’ as you sashay across the dance floor will leave all the gents in a swoon.

Pouty lips, dry sarcasm, dramatic overcoats, gloves, and stockings may be added at will as you adroitly channel the flapper. Anita Loos – of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes fame – would be proud of your unbridled embrace of womanhood. After all, the true driver of 1920s style was a woman who was mistress of her own universe. Feeling jazzy? Let us customize a strand of pearls for you.