The Backlace: Turning Your Back on Pearls

The Backlace Pearl Necklace from Spey

We love finding new ways to wear pearls. Let’s set the scene: you’ve just slipped into a stunning dress with a daringly plunging back. The heels are on; your makeup is flawless; your hair is piled high or tightly bunned. How do you accessorize this perfection? Drape a long strand of pearls across your shoulders and toss them to the back, then prepare to rock the backlace.

Wearing a backlace, or necklace trailing down your back, is one of the sultriest ways to wear your pearls. The backlace is at once demure and enticing. Rather than resting in your cleavage, the backlace draws the eye to the hollow of your back. There’s something to be said about the backlace’s effect on your posture, too: pulling your shoulders back, your chin up, and your hips forward as it sways.

A lariat or opera-length necklace works best, whether a strand of pearls or an ample pendant. The extra length can be knotted or looped just below the shoulder blades, leaving the rest to hang dramatically down the spine. The backlace is perfect for high-neck or low-back dresses and tops, when it does not compete with straps or corsetry.

If you’ve been idly wearing your pendants and strands to the front, you’ll be in good company wearing the backlace. From Audrey Hepburn to Princess Diana to Jennifer Lawrence, the backlace always leaves its mark on red carpets and State functions. Just make sure you come prepared with a killer over-the-shoulder, sultry glance.