A Pearl Fit for a Stud

Pearl Lapel Pin from Spey

Many a gentleman has adorned his wardrobe with a touch of color or interest: the odd pocket square, the boutonnière flower, or a brave tie. With the parade of somber business suits and the monotony of men’s formal wear, it’s easy to see why. Men are looking to add a bit of distinction to their wardrobe – recalling a time when being dapper was de rigueur. All that is left, then, is to find the perfect accent piece. Say hello to the man’s pearl: the pearl lapel pin.

Lapel pins date over a couple hundred years, but the accessory is enjoying a contemporary resurgence in interest and popularity. The pearl lapel pin in particular demands its own appeal. It is not flamboyant or pretentious; it is a quiet, meaningful luxury. The pearling industry is a champion of the environment and a herald of ecosystem health. Pearls’ individual, mussel-made character is a testament to the fickleness and fecundity of nature. There is no wonder why the pearl made its way onto a man’s lapel. Pearl lapel pins are the perfect combination of manliness and elegance.

Looking to add a pearl to your wardrobe? Explore the history of the lapel pin and discover how to style it for your life. Then shop the collection of pearl lapel pins from Spey and select among South Sea, golden South Sea, or exotic Tahitian pearls. A gentleman never looked so good.