Every Girl Needs a Stud: Wardrobe Essentials

Every Girl Needs a Stud: Essential Wardrobe Pearls from Spey

Some accessories are wardrobe essentials; those pieces that are both the building blocks and finishing touches to all of your outfits. Wardrobe essentials are typically fewer, more meaningful pieces of higher quality and of lasting craftsmanship, often staying within your collection for decades. From everyday wear to formal occasions, there is simply no jewel that is more timeless and versatile than pearls.

Pearls are a beautiful accent to any outfit and, being both reflective and lustrous, they bring a light, soft glow to the face. They can be combined with other jewels and metals for a hip twist on a classic, or styled alone for a perfectly demure look. But if you’re just getting started curating your jewelry collection, which pearl pieces are the must-haves? These three wardrobe essentials will keep you looking cool and classic on any occasion.

Pearl Studs

Pearl studs are the go-to earring for any look and budget. They have a petite profile that can be casual and comfortable enough to wear to the office or supermarket, while transitioning seamlessly to the most fashionable black tie affair. Pearl stud earrings typically range in half-millimeter size increments, meaning there is a pair of studs perfect for your individual physiognomy and character. While studs come in many variations, the dainty, classic pearl stud is the creamy white akoya with a soft pink overtone. Look for uniformity in the pair, with high luster and a surface free of blemishes. Pearl studs have been wardrobe essentials for the past century, with no chance of going out of style!

Pearl Pendant

Add a little luster to your neckline with the classic pearl pendant. Typically nestled on a 16-inch chain, a pearl pendant creates a vertical line down your body and elongates the torso. Pendants are the effortless foil to a high-collared sweater, while also perfectly accenting a plunging button-up. The setting can vary widely, with accents of diamonds and other precious stones delicately set in gold and platinum. The classic wardrobe essential, however, is a solitary, round, lustrous akoya pearl. A pearl 9 millimeters in diameter is the most popular size.

Pearl Strand

One of the most iconic pearl jewelry pieces is the strand, composed of graduating pearls nestled close to each other on knotted silk. These are the pearls of legend, from the roaring Twenties and post-war pinups to the red carpets and galas of today. Versatility is what makes pearl strands timeless. Pair a strand with jeans and a cardigan – or the same strand with a ravishing couture gown. The classic pearl strand consists of round, lustrous, creamy white pearls with a soft pink overtone, measuring 16 to 18 inches long. Often pearl strands become family heirlooms, to be enjoyed across generations. A wardrobe is simply not complete without one.

Pearls are a beautiful accent to any outfit and a staple of every well-curated jewelry box. Having a few choice pieces on hand will make getting dressed and staying stylish easy as pie. So the next time you’re thinking about buying jewelry, consider the wardrobe essentials that will remain chic for decades to come: pearl studs, pendants, and strands from Spey.