Shopping for Pearls

Spey: Shopping for Pearls in Washington, DC

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for pearls and pearl jewelry; many styles, shapes and colors luster brightly from within perfectly polished displays. Discovering the different types and origins of pearls is a great place to start. We also recommend that savvy pearl shoppers better understand the factors that influence a pearl’s value. Follow our handy guide to navigating pearl color, size, shape, surface, luster and craftsmanship. Now that you know how pearls are made and what makes them great, it’s time to go shopping with confidence.

When shopping for pearls, pay attention to these jewelry industry insights:

  • Uniformity is key when purchasing strands, with pearls being equal in size or with synchronous gradation from largest to smallest.
  • Pearls should flow evenly from one to the next, like bubbles in Champagne. If you notice that pearls fall out of line, they may be improperly drilled. It is important to note that some strands that are freshly knotted simply need to be worn and relaxed to achieve that smooth strand look.
  • Each pearl should be nestled snuggly against the two knots that support it. Gaps or spaces indicate stretched and worn silk, or simply poor craftsmanship.
  • The silk that binds the pearls together should closely mirror or harmonize with the body color of the pearls.
  • The two sides of the clasp should fit together securely and well, with both ends of the strand firmly affixed. Choose a pearl clasp that you can comfortably open and close, but that still provides strength to the strand.

With the above, you’ll gain self-assurance when shopping for pearls and pearl jewelry. Of course if ever you have questions, a friendly Spey associate would be delighted to chat with you about pearls. Simply get in touch to learn more about shopping for pearls and pearl jewelry with Spey.