Hashtagging Rocks

Spey Pearls Carved Stone from the River Spey

It’s not very often that a stone gets to share its perspective on life and the environment. Not so here at Spey. We handed the social media reins to one stone from Speyside as it journeys over 3,400 miles from the Highlands of Scotland to the steps of the Capitol. Along its travels, the stone recounts the plight of the threatened freshwater pearl mussel facing destruction in the bubbling waters of our namesake River Spey.

Discover the stone’s journey to champion the endangered pearl mussel.

Before leaving Scotland, the stone passed through the hands of Speyside artist and sculptor Stuart Murdoch. Through his chiseling touch, Spey gained a constant reminder that awareness and conservation work is yet to be done. Now from its new home in Washington, DC, the stone continues to tell the story. Follow along on Instagram with #SpeyRocks and support your local river!