They Say When You Marry in June

June: the Perfect Month for Weddings and Spey Pearls

They say when you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life. So goes the refrain from the classic Seven Brides for Seven Brothers tune and still today, June remains the most popular month for weddings. What brought about this singular connection between marriage and a month? The story begins some two thousand years ago…

Romans saw the goddess Juno, after whom the month of June takes its name, as the protector of women, guardian of marital love and champion of married life. Her namesake month became a particularly auspicious time to wed, and June weddings especially blessed.

The connection between June, the summer sun and the fertility of the land also solidified the popularity of June weddings. In Scotland there is a tradition for the bride to “walk with the sun” from east to west outside the church. It seems June weddings are universally favored.

Selecting a date is one of the first decisions a couple makes in preparation for their wedding. We think the second most important decision is what pearl jewelry to wear on that day. The answer is simple: whatever the bride likes best, but here are some tips for choosing the perfect Spey piece.