Pearl: the June Birthstone

The Classic June Birthstone is Pearl - Spey Co. Fine Pearl Jewelry

Ah! How we do love a birthday gift, especially when it comes in tantalizing Spey packaging. Sure, we’re one year older, but with the soft luster of pearl nestled against the skin, age simply doesn’t matter. And while the gift of Spey pearls is special throughout the year (for holidays, momentous occasions, or just because), pearls are exceedingly appropriate this month. Why? Because pearl is the classic June birthstone.


Why the June birthstone is so special

For centuries, astrology has been called upon for defining the qualities, habits, and foibles of individuals – man has looked for signs from the heavens and the earth to help us better understand ourselves and our place in the world around us. What better to look at than the brilliant and fascinating precious and semi-precious stones that are scattered across the globe? Thus began the obsession with birthstones, which are used to create very personalized and heartfelt jewelry. So what does the pearl say about those born in June?

The pure luster and natural, unpolished beauty of pearls make a perfect association with birth. Pearls represent health and longevity, characteristics indicative of their organic origins. A pearl is formed when a foreign body shimmies its way into the soft tissue of a mollusk. To protect itself, the mollusk wraps layer upon layer of rich, satiny nacre to coat and soothe the irritant, forming in time a lustrous pearl.

Modesty and purity are also traits associated with the June birthstone, which get passed along to the June-born. Indeed, pearls are a quiet luxury; the deep, mirror-like luster is a reflection of the self and a more discreet expression of quality. Pearls are understated, but unquestionably exquisite.


Is pearl the only June birthstone?

The pearl is the traditional and most widely accepted birthstone for June, but along the way a couple semi-precious stones laid claim to the title, too. Today, pearl shares the June birthstone moniker (begrudgingly, one must assume) together with alexandrite and moonstone. Of course, we much prefer the timeless elegance of the pearl.

Birthstones are still a very meaningful tradition for many, with pearls making for most tasteful gifts to those born in June. Even if you happen to be born in one of the other eleven months, we know pearls look excellent on everyone. But don’t take our word for it; experience the luster of fine pearl jewelry for yourself when you find the perfect Spey piece for you.