Last On, First Off

Spey Pearls Last On First Off

A handy rule of thumb when dressing with pearls is: last on, first off. Pearls should be the last consideration before leaving and the first when returning. As an organic gem, pearls are more sensitive to chemicals and abrasions than other stones and minerals. Chlorine, detergents, bleach, and rough handling may cause damage to pearls, but most often perspiration, cosmetics, and perfumes degrade the lustrous surface. Keep your pearl jewelry guarded against these.

Last On

To preserve rich luster, put on pearl strands, earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets after all other grooming is done. Avoid contact with hairsprays and makeup, or wearing your pearls when swimming or showering. Even perspiration may over time diminish the outer layers of nacre that constitute Spey pearls’ deep luster and natural beauty.

First Off

When returning for the evening, give pearls your first attention. Remove your pearl jewelry before anything else and take care to gently wipe away excess oils or particulates with a warm, soft cloth. Avoid submerging or excessively dampening pearls, especially strands.

Pearls are scored around 3.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which characterizes scratch resistance of comparative substances. Diamonds top the chart at 10.0 hardness. Abrasives and impacts, therefore, would be more detrimental to your pearls. Do not toss or drop your pearls into a jewelry box, but rather clasp strands and gently lay apart from other, scratchy jewels and metals.

Of course, Spey pearls are most beautiful when worn. Simply follow the last on, first off guide to ensure that the sensitive, yet resilient gems preserve their luster. Last on, first off, and your pearls will last generations.