Golden South Sea Pearls

Spey Golden South Sea Pearls

For a pearl of maximum individual character, explore the exotic golden South Sea pearls from Spey. A range of shades and shapes create a dramatic and altogether exceptional piece of jewelry.

Lustrous golden South Sea pearls emerge from warm, tropical waters; primarily in northern Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, where the first attempts at cultivating this decadent color of pearl were made nearly 100 years ago. The islands of the South Pacific are still the primary producers of these pearls. This is where the gold-lipped Pinctada maxima oyster thrives.

Pinctada maxima can produce brilliantly white, silver, or golden South Sea pearls, depending on the genetic nature of the oyster. Gold-lipped pearls are named by the color that traces the interior edge of the shell. Similarly, Pinctada maxima also expresses a silver-lipped variety. Golden South Sea pearls are the result of the expression of the recessive gene, making the rich golden hue all the more rare.

Colors of golden South Sea pearls range from crème to Champagne to deep honey. The deeper and more intense the color, the more valuable the pearl becomes. This color is completely natural – a reason golden South Sea pearls account for such a small fraction of pearl production. Perfectly round pearls are the most elusive, though oval, teardrop, and baroque shapes are also sought.

You may notice the sizes of golden South Sea pearls are quite impressive, typically 8-20 mm in diameter. This makes them some of the largest pearls on the market, owing to the sheer scale of the Pinctada maxima oyster. Where an akoya oyster may fit in the palm of your hand, golden South Sea pearls develop in oysters of dinner plate size. This allows the pearls within to grow proportionately large. Because of the warm, nutrient-rich environments, these oysters also deposit nacre more quickly than other varietals. The result: impressive pearls steeped in satiny luster.

For a gem of singular decadence, there is no better expression than golden South Sea pearls from Spey. Whether perfectly matched strands or charming drop earrings, golden South Sea pearls from Spey are an excellent addition to your wardrobe.