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The world is certainly your oyster when you customize your Spey pearl jewelry. A stunning array of possibilities awaits.

Join Spey as we work to preserve an endangered species of pearl-producing mussel, critical to river health.

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Pearls speak louder than words.

Spey is a matter of both style and State, festooning the most powerful women in the world in pearls. With the craftsmanship of American design, Spey brings together stunning pearls from across the seas to create spectacular pieces of jewelry. We start with pearls of the finest waters, then add a touch of joie de vivre into every design we create, and finish with unmatched quality and workmanship – from custom commissions for special moments to the delightfully chic ready-to-wear collection.

Specialists in our field, we take pride not only in our fine pearl jewelry, but also in our commitment to art and nature. That is the Spey legacy of a life more lustrous. We give passionately to the art and artists that inspire us, from the ballet to the opera to the symphony, and are also proud to campaign for the restoration of our namesake River Spey and the critically endangered mussels within. Enriching your wardrobe or jewelry collection with the luster of Spey not only helps elevate the Washington, DC community we call home, but also the health of our planet.

Fine pearl jewelry in Washington, DC

The fabulous women of Washington turn to Spey to create truly magnificent jewelry. Why? Because each piece within our pearl jewelry collection and each of our custom pearl jewelry designs is crafted using only the best raw materials – from rich, well-constructed gold and platinum fittings, to sustainably-sourced diamond and precious stone accents, to the star of the show: the pearls. Our pearls come from the finest waters, as only the healthiest oysters and most pristine environments yield pearls worthy of our jewelry. Heralding from the coasts of Japan, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and French Polynesia (among others), our pearls transport the wearer to luxurious dreams of luster and light.

True artisans then envision inspiring jewelry designs and bring them to life with expert style and tailoring. Pearl earrings and studs, pearl necklaces and strands, pearl bracelets and rings all form part of the seasonal collections and custom capabilities of our talented jewelers. Looking for a one-of-a-kind statement piece of pearl jewelry for a special occasion or to match the perfect dress? We love creating custom jewelry. Have an heirloom pearl necklace or bracelet and looking to refashion it into something spectacular? Bring it to our jewelers to discuss the possibilities. Getting married? We specialize in bridal jewelry and jewelry for weddings. Whatever your motivation (and there are many!) for investing in quality, craftsmen pearl jewelry, we’d love to have you try something on.

Giving back to our DC community

True to our Washington, DC roots, we carry our unique style and elegance across a range of little luxuries and curious delights for the modern man and woman of distinction. From pearl lapel pins and pocket squares for the dapper man-about-town, to card wallets and silk scarves for a gentle touch of refinement at your fingertips, give a gift that has the DC community at its heart. We are proud to support many great organizations across the Washington, DC area, from the ballet, symphony, and opera, to many great organizations devoted to human relief. Our passion is to work toward a more lustrous future, and the pearl jewelry we create supports organizations that elevate the entire capital region we call home. But when could a border hold us back? We are a devoted champion of the endangered pearl-producing mussel found within our namesake river in Scotland, and support conservation and reintroduction programs that improve the water quality for generations to come. For a touch of luxury that does a world of good, turn to the fine pearl jewelry of Spey.